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School-running process

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School-running process

The vigorous development of undertakings gives rise to the cultivation of talents

      At the end of the 1980s, the Fujian Quanzhou clothing industry continued to grow and develop in the expansion of production capacity, and Shishi City became a garment city in the country and even the world。Sino-foreign joint venture Quanzhou Shuangxi Garment Co., Ltd. was also founded at this time。
    Quanzhou Shuangxi Garment Co., Ltd. is the earliest Sino-foreign joint venture in Fujian Province, and the largest professional garment export manufacturer and traderFile fashion, sportswear, outdoor wear, etc。Products are mainly exported, no domestic sales, 100% exported to 28 countries in the European Community and Canada and other countries in the world。So forThe quality requirements are extremely strict。The quality of products is inseparable from the quality of workers, who were basically recruited from the countrysideQuality of surplus labor force很差。Therefore, in 1993, the Double Happiness Company solely founded the Double Happiness Vocational Training School.。

   After 2000, with the expansion of Quanzhou clothing industry in the production capacity, continue to increase the investment in technological transformation, a large number of domestic advanced equipment and the introduction of the countryOutside the clothing automatic cutting machine, automatic sewing, ironing and other series of units, forming an automatic production line。The design and development of clothing products are also constantly changing.The CAD system of garment aided design is constantly updated, and many enterprises have formed automatic control and information in the process of design, code and material arrangement, automatic cutting, production and finishing管理。At that time, the talent assets seriously hindered the development of the company;The problem of talent quality has been constraining the rapid development of the company。In order to solve the human resources questionCompany executives began to take a variety of approaches。

 Many attempts have been unsatisfactory 
     At the beginning of the company, on the one hand, technicians from the company were promoted to operate new equipment, but these people were basically unable to do so due to level limitationsAdapt to new requirements。On the other hand, it relies on the introduction of professional talents, but in addition to the limitation of the number of resources, the introduction of talents is also subject to other aspects such as uneven ability约。Garment production is a labor-intensive industry that needs a large number of front-line lathe workers, but the cultural quality and professional skills of these workers recruited from rural areas are too low.Moreover, farmers' consciousness is very strong and unstable, and the development speed of the company is extremely asymmetric。

   Later, after an in-depth investigation, it was found that this root cause is in our country's vocational education system and education model。在现In the popular vocational education model,Students only take theory classes but not practice classes, and teachers only understand theory but not practice;The teachers of the school are not qualified for professional technicians, and the investment is insufficientRestrictions and so on, so the students that are produced under these circumstances are no different from those that are produced behind closed doors。

   To this end, the company's senior management decided to set up their own school, for the company to transport suitable for the development of talents, for the company to train senior technicians, administrators,Factory director and manager。

 Forced to go abroad to learn lessons 
     In this case, the main leaders of the company feel very depressed, is there no way to train qualified workers in China?With this question, the companySeveral key leaders decided to go abroad to learn lessons。He went to Germany, France, and Japan to work for Toyota Motor Company。

   In Germany, we visited the German Vocational Academy, run by three large companies in Baden-Wurttemberg and the Stuttgart School of Administration, which attaches great importance to schools The close combination with enterprises mainly adopts two ways, namely "dual system" and "apprenticeship" education。The biggest impression left to us is that "theory and practice classes alternate,Students are both students and employees."。Further aware that education in Germany is designed to enable the vast majority of school-age children and adolescents to receive at least one vocational training,Master a skill directly。After being employed by enterprises, it can also provide opportunities for young people who are interested in further study to receive high-level education。The characteristics of this education system are verticalIt can be gradually developed and communicated with each other horizontally。

   In France, we visited the Ecole Polytechnique of Paris, which has only about 3,000 teachers, students, staff and researchers. The school is not large, but they focus on their own studiesThe reason why they are famous is not the size of the school, but the emphasis on basic knowledge and the practical spirit in teaching。Leave us."School is not big, the art has specialized;The deep feeling that learning is not deep, practice is the first, Later, the company's top executives went to Japan to visit Toyota Motor Corporation's talent training model。Japan Toyota vocational education model: practical teaching to skill training, it is aSeries production task oriented, in a learning situation that is completely consistent with the actual work and production scene of the enterprise, each student is required to complete the production process independentlyRelated training programs。Fully embodies the school and enterprise culture, lean production mode, technology, quality management and other vocational education concepts。After learning from the experience, the company held several seminars to analyze and study the vocational education model of Toyota in Germany, France and Japan, and finally the company's leadershipI agree to learn from Germany's "dual system" and "modern apprenticeship" training model combined with Toyota's skills training model, to create a suitable for our country and the specific situation of our companyShuangxi Vocational Education Model。Adopt the scale of Ecole Polytechnique de Paris in France to set up their own vocational school。

 The mode determines immediate action 
     "Shuangxi vocational education model" is divided into four parts: one is the "combination of work and study, the integration of school and enterprise"。The second is to learn the German "dual system" and modern"Apprenticeship" training mode, self-created "inheritance culture education" of "learning from teachers";Third, the east and west jointly run schools;Fourth, the school establishes the "creation of a reserve system"。School does notBut the fee is zero to get students into the school, and the school also gives students board money, pocket money and a nest egg for starting a business。    After determining the form of education and teaching mode, the company decided to establish a full-time "school-enterprise integration, combination of work and learning" and rich in modern atmosphere of college and secondary schoolVocational schools of education shall also organize relevant materials and submit them to the competent department of education at a higher level for examination and approval。   


 Keep pace with The Times and serve the national policy 
     为进一步贯彻习总书记提出“一带一路”的伟大战略目标,实现中华民族的全面复兴。Fujian enterprises have gone abroad to Southeast Asia to openRun a company。The biggest problem these companies face is a shortage of talent (especially management talent).。Just Quanzhou Taiwan business district TV station, Fujian TV station, ChinaCentral television Channel 9 has broadcast our school mode and school results。Through the Fukien Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce President Ko Zun Fa and Quanzhou started the industry in the Southeast Asian countryOur school invited the leaders of education departments and Labor departments of some Vietnamese provinces, as well as leaders of some Vietnamese middle and senior colleges and universities to visit our school。These related units lead relativesAfter witnessing the achievements and characteristics of our school, we signed a joint school agreement with our school on the spot。Send their school textile and garment graduates to our school for studyAfter three years of further study in garment design, production and production management, students return to Vietnam after graduation and are arranged by the Vietnam-based Quanzhou Chamber of Commerce in Quanzhou in Vietnam开办Works in a textile and garment factory。The agreement has received strong support from education, public security entry-exit administration, foreign affairs and other departments at the district, city and provincial levels。Accordingly, our school hasIt is the first private secondary vocational school in Fujian Province with the ability to recruit and train international students。