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APP官方下载系中外合资企业Double happiness Group旗下的全日制中等职业学校,经泉州市教育局批准、福建省教育厅备案、国家教育部入网登记。Founded in 2006, the total value of fixed assets currently used for education and teaching reaches more than 200 million yuan。

The school is located in Quanzhou, the "cultural capital of East Asia" on the west bank of the Taiwan Strait, across the sea from the Treasure Island。It is a characteristic school that focuses on the integration of college and undergraduate education,It is a vocational school that trains practical talents close to the needs of the industry.The campus covers an area of 130 acres,The teaching facilities are well equipped,It has offices, teaching, student apartments, libraries, training rooms, cultural and entertainment halls, restaurants and other buildings,Construction area of more than 40,000 square meters。

The campus has an area of 18 acres of leisure park,There are reading corridors and cultural corridors in the park,Create a beautiful and pleasant learning and living environment for teachers and students with profound cultural heritage!Our school is also a provincial demonstration vocational school, a national vocational skills identification station, a talent training base for the garment industry, and a national Top 100 vocational college comprehensive quality school,In order to adapt to the new normal of economic development and the growth of technical talents need,The provincial Department of Education recommended our school as a vocational college docking industry,The demonstration school to strengthen the construction of professional groups and the implementation point of the construction project of Fujian Province's demonstration modern vocational colleges,Quanzhou is a number of colleges and universities',The modern apprenticeship is the training ground of education.

Liming Vocational University and Quanzhou Shuangxi Science and Technology School jointly founded a secondary college - Liming University Shuangxi College, which is the first vocational college in Fujian Province with the qualification of recruiting and training international students, and is committed to training international technical and management talents with international vision and understanding of international rules。