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Internal management organization setting and staffing plan


In order to standardize the internal management mechanism of our school and ensure the orderly conduct of all work in Quanzhou Shuangxi Science and Technology School, this plan (draft) is formulated according to the relevant provisions of the Constitution of Quanzhou Shuangxi Science and Technology School.。

I. Principles for the establishment of the school's internal management organization

 1. The main principle of the establishment of the school's internal management organization is to take the school's business development as the core, meet the needs of the school's daily teaching and campus safety, and ensure the robust, sustainable and healthy development of Quanzhou Shuangxi Science and Technology School。

 2. The establishment of the school's internal management organization should be conducive to the benign development of the school's work。

 3, the establishment of management departments at all levels should be combined with the actual situation of the school and the needs of long-term development strategy, and gradually improve。

4, the staffing strive to be "lean and efficient", adhere to the principle of "set up posts, set up posts, set up staff", to achieve clear division of labor between departments, and unity and cooperation。

 5. Personnel allocation According to the relevant policies of the national education department and the actual situation of our school, we adopt various forms such as recruitment, business transfer and internal selection to implement merit-based recruitment and competition。

Ii. School organization

(1) Institutional Settings

The school implements the chairman responsibility system under the leadership of the Board of directors, and establishes a unified management and organization system headed by Chairman Yang Peifeng, with the president's office, office of Politics and Education, Office of Academic Affairs, League Committee, Finance Department and other departments。

(2) Staffing

According to the unanimous discussion and vote of the Board of Directors and the Executive Council, the following personnel are elected as the administrative personnel of our university。The specific staffing is as follows:

Legal representative: Mr. Yang Peifeng;

Party Branch Secretary and Executive Vice President: Mr. Ke Tiansong;

Principal: Mr. Wu Binghui;

Vice President of Politics and Education: Mr. Wang Qingjia;

Vice President of General Affairs: Ms. Lei Meihua;

Director of the Office of Education and Political Affairs: Mr. Wang Qingjia (concurrently);

Assistant to the Academic Affairs Office: Ms. Wang Wanyu (concurrently)

Office Director: Mr. Yang Xiaqing

Director of Recruitment Office: Mr. Zheng Baokun

Secretary of Youth League Committee: Ms. Wang Wanyu

Finance Specialist: Ms. Wang Yannian

(3) The main duties of the personnel

1. Responsibilities of the principal

The principal is the highest administrative officer of the school conferred by the Board of Trustees and reports directly to the Chairman of the Board。Represent the school externally and lead the school's education, teaching, administration, logistics and other work internally。The main responsibilities are:

(1) To carry out the educational guidelines, policies, laws and regulations of the Party and the government, as well as the instructions and decisions of higher administrative departments。

(2) preside over the school administration meeting and the president's office meeting, and conduct research and decision-making on major issues of the school。

(3) Conscientiously implement the school-running objectives of the School Board and determine the school-running guidelines and management objectives in accordance with the national plan and social needs。Organize the formulation of the long-term development plan and annual work plan of the school, and complete the long-term school-running policy of "combining work with study and integrating school with enterprise" of the Board of directors。

(4) Lead the faculty and staff of the whole school to carry out the teaching reform of "combining work with work and integrating school with enterprise", and carry out academic research and academic exchange activities around the school education work and the actual situation of the school。

(5) Organize the formulation of various rules and regulations of the school, improve the school management level and school-running benefits, and gradually realize the scientific, standardized and institutionalized management of the school。

(6) Maintain and create a harmonious and safe campus environment, control campus safety, and make emergency plans for the school。

(7) Responsible for signing and approving all kinds of documents and statements issued in the name of the school;To approve and handle communications from higher authorities;Handle major foreign-related matters。

(8) To manage the personnel affairs of the school。Establish and improve the staff post responsibility system and relevant rules and regulations, and do a good job in the employment, assessment, reward and punishment, promotion and training of staff。Put forward suggestions on the establishment of the school, and recommend vice presidents and middle-level cadres to higher organizational departments。Adhere to the administrative council and administrative office committee system, and do a good job of coordination。

(9) Strengthen the construction of the teaching staff and constantly improve their political and professional quality。To lead the construction of the school's spiritual civilization, organize and lead the activities of "teaching, management and education";Strengthen ideological and political work for students, create good school spirit, and promote students' all-round development。

(10) To liaise with higher departments and all sectors of society, improve the visibility of the school and win support from all sectors of society。

(11) Strive to study education, management theory and related professional knowledge, and constantly improve the level of political theory, leadership and management。

 2. Responsible for the duties of the vice president of politics and education

(1) Under the leadership of the principal, assist the principal in charge of school safety, moral education, physical health and art work, directly lead the Political Education Office and grade group。

(2) Effectively put the school safety work on the important agenda, to improve the safety organization, the implementation of safety responsibility, clear division of labor, specific responsibilities。Prevent major accidents to ensure the safety of the campus。

(3) Organize the implementation of superiors' opinions on safety work, formulate school safety work plans, measures and various rules and regulations;Regularly organize and carry out school safety inspection, check the school's various equipment and facilities and safety management, and promptly investigate and treat potential safety hazards。

(4) Put safety education in the first place of all school work, educate students on fire prevention, explosion-proof, anti-theft, waterproof, anti-electricity, anti-shock, anti-fall injury, organize students to carry out safety drills, enhance prevention ability;Strengthen the publicity and education of the law, improve the legal awareness of teachers and students, and enhance the concept of law-abiding and law-protecting。

(5) Do a good job of fire safety for teachers and students。Students are prohibited from carrying controlled knives, fireworks, firecrackers, smashed guns, lighters and other flammable and explosive materials into the campus。It is necessary to establish a feasible fire control system and educate students to protect school fire control facilities。It is strictly forbidden to organize students to spring outing, picnic and other activities in the forest area。

(6) Do a good job of traffic safety work for teachers and students, investigate traffic safety hazards, and require class teachers to strengthen traffic safety knowledge teaching and self-protection ability training for students。

(7) Liaise closely with the administration department of the company, strengthen the closed management of the guard, and strengthen the management and inspection of various security guards;Supervise and inspect the performance of duties of other relevant safety management personnel, strengthen the registration management of foreign personnel and foreign vehicles, and prevent illegal elements from entering the school。

(8) To effectively strengthen the swimming safety education of school students, students are strictly prohibited to swim or play in reservoirs, streams, ponds without permission。Students who repeatedly refuse to change their private swimming in the water should be strictly disciplined, notified to the whole school and parents, and resolutely prevent the occurrence of accidents。

(9) Guide the head teacher, dormitory administrators and other relevant personnel to do a good job of prevention, prevent the spread of various infectious diseases on campus, and strengthen the health and safety inspection and management of student dormitories。

(10) Strengthen the management system around the campus, get in touch with relevant departments, and comprehensively improve the security environment of the campus and the surrounding area;Formulate preventive measures for special security protection areas。Through the integration of school security and prevention work forces, the formation of public security - community - school joint defense network。Strengthen duty patrol, seriously do the "four prevention" work, that is, anti-special, anti-theft, fire prevention, to prevent public security disasters and accidents。

(11) Educate and urge class directors to do a good job of improving the education of mentally unhealthy and bad behavior students, prevent the "underachiever" from being pushed to society, improve the education network of society, family and school, and effectively do a good job in the transformation of "underachiever" so that it develops in a healthy direction。

(12) Accept and deal with school safety emergency information. In case of an emergency, immediately protect students, control the situation and report it in time according to the emergency response plan。Responsible for mediating disputes between parents and schools, resolving conflicts between parents and schools;Do a good job of psychological counseling for students。

 3. Responsible for the duties of the vice president of teaching

(1) Organize teachers to study and implement the relevant teaching instructions, teaching plans and teaching syllabi of the state, formulate school teaching plans and teaching routines, and establish normal teaching order to ensure the implementation of teaching plans。

(2) Directly lead the work of the Educational Affairs Office and teaching departments, review the work plans of the two departments, check and supervise the implementation of the work plans。Examine the director of the academic Affairs Office and the director of the teaching department once a semester, make a good record, and report the assessment results to the president。Lead teaching and research groups, carry out teaching and research activities, summarize and exchange teaching experience。

(3) Be responsible for leading the assessment and evaluation of teachers' teaching work。Formulate the assessment and evaluation plan, and guide the Teaching Affairs Office to implement and implement it in practical work.Fully grasp teachers' ideas, professional expertise and teaching level, and properly arrange teachers' teaching tasks before the beginning of each semester and school year。

(4) Conduct professional assessment of the teachers to be transferred and submit a report to the principal。

(5) Put forward teaching reform plans and plans based on the actual situation of the school, and be responsible for leading the implementation。Responsible for proposing the class hour plan of each academic year and the work arrangement of teaching staff. The main effort should be made to improve the teaching quality in schools。Listen to the class deeply;Participate in discipline teaching and research activities;Listen to the work reports of teaching departments and teaching and research leaders;Check teachers' teaching and students' learning,Check teachers' lesson plans and students' homework regularly,A student forum is held every semester by grade,Master the first-hand teaching materials,Listen to the school teaching work opinions to determine the school teaching and research topics,And led the teaching and research team members of the teaching department to engage in the research of the school's teaching and research topics。

(6) Earnestly strengthen the construction of teachers, have plans and measures, and constantly improve the professional level and teaching level of teachers。Organize and lead teachers to carry out teaching and research activities。We should carry out experiments on the reform of teaching methods in a purposeful and planned way, organize teachers to hold teaching observation classes on a regular basis, summarize and exchange teaching experience, draw up plans to bring the old with the new, and improve the professional level of teachers。

(7) Coordinate and arrange various interest group activities for each grade and carry out the second class activities。

(8) Assist the principal in proposing the purchase plan of books, instruments, audio-visual teaching AIDS and other teaching equipment, and approve the purchase plan of booking books。

(9) Carefully check the implementation of physical education teaching syllabus, effectively improve the quality of art physical education teaching。Check the situation of "push bid" and "reach standard"。To direct the work of health care, and to prevent myopia and epidemic diseases。  

(10) Regularly summarize the teaching work of the whole school and report it to all the staff。

(11) Put forward the teaching expenditure budget plan to the president each semester and at the beginning of the school year, and report the budget expenditure。

(12) Assist the headmaster in the recruitment work of the whole school。

 4. Responsibilities of the director of the Academic Affairs Office

(1) Arrange the curriculum of each subject。Coordinate and arrange the activities of each grade group and teaching and research group。

(2) Review the work plans and summaries of each teaching and research group,Arrange and guide the teaching and research group to carry out teaching and research activities,Check and understand the activities of the teaching and research group,Evaluate and feedback the teaching of open (research) courses in the school,Promote teacher education theory study and teaching basic skills training;Organize administrative staff to attend lectures and understand the teaching of teachers in each subject;Responsible for chairing the teaching and research group meeting,Listen to the grade group, teaching and research group and teachers' opinions and requirements。

(3) Review teachers' teaching plans and teaching summaries;Discover and guide the correction of teaching errors and mistakes, summarize the advanced experience of the extension teaching and research group and teachers in implementing quality education and new curriculum reform。

(4) Responsible for the assessment of teachers' business, random check of teachers' lesson plans and students' homework;Organize and arrange sports, recreational and extra-curricular activities for students;

(5) Organizing and arranging examinations, examination score statistics and examination quality analysis, etc., responsible for enrollment and class preparation of new students;To examine and handle the work of students' graduation certificates;Responsible for the establishment and management of student records。

(6) The Dean shall be responsible to the Principal for all his work。The above responsibilities in the performance of the method, to first obtain the consent of the president, the president in charge, or submitted to the executive Council for consideration and approval before implementation。

 5. Responsibilities of the Director of the Office of Political Education

The Director of the Office of Political Education works under the leadership of the school and is responsible for the education of students in politics, ideology, moral character, code of conduct and psychological education。Its duties are as follows:

   (1) Routine work of moral education

(1) Formulate the school's moral education work plan for each semester according to the vocational education reform plan, guide the class teacher to formulate the class moral education work plan, and supervise and check the implementation of the plan。To organize and implement school moral education programs。

(2) Do a good job in discipline moral education, cooperate with the Academic Affairs Office and the office, research and formulate the moral education goals, methods, management and evaluation methods of discipline education, and organize the implementation in detail。

(3) Care for and guide the training of young class teachers,Lead the class teacher work,Hold class teacher meetings regularly,Research and summarize class work,Find the typical,Popularize advanced experience;Guide the class teacher to write students' comments;Organize class teachers to learn educational theories,Improve the class teacher's work level;Selection of excellent class teachers, advanced classes,Do a good job in the assessment of class teachers。

(4) Organize regular educational activities every year。

(5) Based on the actual situation of the school, formulate a student activity guidance plan for the school-running mode combining work with study。

(6) Guide all classes and students to study "Code of Daily Behavior for Middle School Students" and "Student Management System of Quanzhou Shuangxi Science and Technology School"。Host student activities:

1), the opening ceremony;2), school student assembly;3), duty work;4) Educational activities organized in conjunction with important anniversaries;5), daily morning meeting and national flag raising ceremony and speech under the national flag;6), a word a day "campus safety"。

(2) Student management

(1) Implement the rules and regulations of the school, strengthen the training of "daily code of conduct", and do a good job in the construction of school spirit。

(2) Implement the "senior system", guide the student union to carry out work, train student cadres, and strengthen the mechanism for students to manage themselves;Organize students' art clubs, regularly organize and update the school's theme board newspaper, and enrich after-school life。


(4) Do a good job in the transformation of poor students, put forward punishment opinions for students whose mistakes seriously need to be dealt with, report to the school administration meeting for study and approval of implementation, and conduct follow-up education inspections to help these students correct their mistakes。

(5) Grasp the students' appearance, pay close attention to boys to keep long hair, dye hair, do not wear earrings;Girls perm their hair, dye their hair and other behaviors that violate the daily code of conduct of middle school students to create a harmonious and warm double happiness campus。

(6) Organize and guide students to participate in military training, social investigation and public welfare labor and other social practice activities。

(7) Assist the Academic Affairs Office and the office in handling and approving student grants;

    (3) Exercise and health work

(1) Do a good job in three classes (theoretical classes, practical classes, morning exercises), exercise for one hour every day, and cooperate with relevant departments to run school sports activities。

(2) Assist the logistics department to implement the "health Regulations", cultivate students' health awareness and good health habits, and do a good job of disease prevention。

(3) Organize regular health cleaning, and organize inspection and evaluation to ensure that the campus is clean, quiet and elegant。

(4) Do a good job in student dormitory management, canteen management and campus health。

(4) Do a good job in students' mental health education, hold lectures on mental health education for teachers and students, carry out psychological counseling and counseling, and gradually establish students' mental health files。

    (5) Establish a school, family and social integration education network, implement the home-school contact card, and urge the head teacher to make home visits and phone home visits from time to time。

    (6) Conscientiously complete the temporary work assigned by the superior or the principal。

 6. Job responsibilities of Admission Director

The director of admission Office is the person in charge of the admission work of the university, and is responsible for the daily work of the admission office under the direct leadership of the chairman of the board。

    1. The Director of the Admissions Office shall carry out the admissions work under the leadership of the responsible leaders, and be responsible for the organization and management of the admissions of the whole school。

    2. Organize enrollment personnel to learn about enrollment policies and improve the level of policies;Strengthen political and professional learning, and constantly improve ideological and political consciousness and work efficiency and ability。

    Iii. Responsible for the planning and arrangement of enrollment work, and conduct training for out-of-town enrollment personnel。

    4. Responsible for enrollment registration and admission。Assist the relevant departments to do a good job of related charges and management。

    Fifth, do a good job of enrollment publicity, organize and edit enrollment publicity brochures, video materials, etc。

    6. Establish a good relationship with the student source units, and regularly organize related school principals, social enthusiasts who help the school recruit students, study and exchange activities。

    Seven, to do a good job of enrollment work summary, and enrollment work to organize discussion activities, learn lessons, innovative development ideas。

    8. Warmly receive parents for consultation and registration, and patiently answer parents' questions。

    9. Complete other tasks assigned by school leaders。

    10. The Deputy Director of the Admission Office shall assist the Director in doing the above work。

 7. Job responsibilities of office director

(1) Take charge of the overall work of the office according to the responsibilities of the school office。Strengthen office business construction, supervise and inspect the implementation of responsibilities of each post。

    (2) Under the leadership of the President's Office, responsible for organizing the drafting of school-wide work reports, summaries, plans, resolutions and other documents, and responsible for the review of school-wide official documents;

We will do a good job in the synthesis and handling of written words and policies。

    (3) Responsible for organizing and arranging all kinds of meetings, studies and important activities of the school, communicating, implementing, inspecting and supervising the implementation of resolutions, decisions, notifications and notices of the President's office and the school affairs Council。

(4) Organize the drafting and release of notices, notices, meeting minutes and other documents according to the decisions of relevant meetings;Handle all kinds of documents reported and circulated in a timely manner。

    (5) To be responsible for and guide the university's foreign affairs, archives, statistics, sending and receiving work, organize the reception of visitors from all over the world and the work of letters and visits from the masses on campus。

(6) According to the instructions of the school leaders, responsible for organizing and coordinating the comprehensive work jointly handled by various functional departments of the school, so as to give orders from above and reach from below。

    (7) Pay attention to investigation and research, master information inside and outside the school, take the initiative to understand the situation and problems related to the overall situation, and actively provide reference opinions for school leaders to make decisions。

    (8) Assist the principal in foreign affairs, reception and other work。

(9) To assist the Office of Politics and Education and other departments to organize and plan various festival activities and party preparations。

    (10) Conscientiously complete other work assigned by school leaders。

 8. Responsibilities of the presidium of the Student Union of the School Youth League Committee

The organizational life of the Communist Youth League is an important part of the organizational life of the league, and the following responsibilities are formulated according to the actual organizational construction of the non-public Communist Youth League in our school:

1, do a good job in the school Youth League Committee student Union organization construction, institutional construction, layout, inspection, supervision of all departments;To formulate annual, semester and work plans and supervise their implementation;Organize and coordinate the relevant work of the Youth League Committee and various departments of the Student Union, and be responsible for the arrangement of personnel and the overall arrangement and coordination work in large-scale activities。

2. Responsible for the training and cultivation of league leaders and members;Cooperate with the superior League Committee to do a good job in the registration of our school members and the transfer and transfer of the league organization relationship;Responsible for collecting, registering and handing over to the higher level Youth League committee;Responsible for material arrangement and management of Youth League branch。

3. Strengthen the contact between the student union cadres of the school Youth League Committee and the student union cadres of other classes, the league branch organizations of each class and the inter-school league school organizations, regularly organize the meetings of the school monitor and league branch secretary, and strengthen the contact between the student union and students;

4, carry out in-depth work in the department, timely and in-depth understanding of the ideological status of league organization;

5. Responsible for internal assessment, evaluation and other networking activities of the Youth League Committee Student Union;

6, responsible for the discipline inspection of Youth League Committee Student Union cadres;

7. Strengthen contact with other school Youth League committees, student unions and other units;

8, organize all departments to do a good job of cadre evaluation and election;

9. The vice president of the Student Union shall assist the deputy secretary of the Youth League Committee and the President of the Student Union in carrying out their work, and shall be responsible for their own work;

10. The Secretary-General shall do a good job in daily work, including financial management, document drafting, filing, paperwork processing, meeting arrangements, reception of visitors, etc。

(4) Organizational chart of the school