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Training goal

The essence of education lies in moral quality education, scientific education and ability training。

APP官方下载是福建双喜制衣集团投资创办的一所中职学校。The school refers to the "Toyota College" of Toyota Corporation in Japan to cultivate the talent training mode required for the long-term development of enterprises。

Double happiness Science and Technology School set up education and training objectives:

学校教育的目标是:培养双喜公司所需的中、高级技工,中、高级管理人员、厂长、经理。Train medium and senior technicians, medium and senior managers, factory directors and managers for the garment industry。Shuangxi Science and Technology School is the talent training base for the long-term development of Shuangxi company。The task of Shuangxi School is to train and educate talents with excellent moral quality, professional knowledge, excellent management level and super working ability needed for the development of Shuangxi Company。

All those who deviate from the goal, reduce ability training, and reduce practical education are failure education。APP官方下载不允许执行者违背公司制定的投资办校教育培养人才的目标。

The existing secondary vocational education individual schools are implementing "closed education" and "spoon-feeding" status change "acting" education。

Parents endure hardships, smash POTS and sell iron, spend a lot of money to train children is poor moral quality, work ability questioned, work incompetent, poor social pressure, poor market competitiveness, dependence on the "Neets"。How can they assume the social responsibility of a generation?

The transfer of knowledge can not ignore practical education, can not ignore the ability training。Students must also be guided to learn financial ideas, investment skills training and entrepreneurship。These are the responsibility goals of the teachers of Double Happiness Science and Technology School to educate students。

Without a change in ideas and methods, ideals cannot become reality。Don't worry about others' right and wrong accusations, history will prove who is right!