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E-commerce (no enrollment in 2023)

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Specialty setting
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E-commerce (no enrollment in 2023)

Basic introduction

Electronic Commerce (EC)。Generally speaking, e-commerce。

E-commerce is the use of the Internet to carry out business activities, when the enterprise will its main business through the enterprise Intranet, extranet, and the Internet and the enterprise's staff, customers, suppliers and partners directly connected, which occurs in the activity is e-commerce。A new interdisciplinary discipline integrating computer science, marketing, management, law and modern logistics。To cultivate the basic theory and knowledge of computer information technology, marketing, international trade, management, law and modern logistics,Have the ability to use the network to carry out business activities and use computer information technology, modern logistics methods to improve enterprise management methods,To improve the ability of enterprise management level of innovative complex e-commerce senior professionals。

Folding specialty

E-commerce major has six professional directions: website design and program direction, network marketing editing direction, network product planning direction, enterprise informatization, personal network entrepreneurship and bank card research and development direction。E-commerce majors require different courses in different colleges and universities,Some colleges and universities focus on electronic commerce network technology computer technology,Others focus their courses on business models,These are mainly reflected in the department where the major is located,Some are in management school,Some will be in the School of Information Science and Technology,Some will be in software school,In this way, there will be certain differences in the specialties of students cultivated by each institution。

Folded curriculum

Principles of computer network, Introduction to E-commerce, Internet Marketing Practice, E-commerce, Introduction to International Trade, E-commerce letter writing, E-commerce marketing writing practice, marketing planning, data structure, Photoshop, website construction, e-commerce management practice, ERP and customer relationship Management, E-commerce logistics Management, consumer psychology, E-commerce experimentBasic skills of online entrepreneurship, professional English for e-commerce, news gathering, writing and editing。Network marketing, Network database, mobile commerce, Enterprise information, e-commerce system design, advertising planning, e-commerce and logistics, photoshop image processing technology, access database, Marketing, business operation and management, Enterprise information, online consumer psychology。